Rochester, NY

 Photographing Teens and Senior Portraits


Rochester, NY

 Photographing Teens and Senior Portraits

T H E   P O R T R A I T   E X P E R I E N C E    E V E R  Y O N E   I S   L O O K I  N G   F O R


R E L A X E D  * C U S T O M  *   S T Y L E D



Unique and custom senior portraits! See how to customize your experience and get the images you are looking for.



Want to help capture those preteen and teenage years with your child's friends? Let's customize a session together as they pass through this quick stage in their life. 

Featured Sessions

Rochester, NY 

Featured Sessions

Rochester, NY 

Courtney | FHS 2018





Custom, Styled, Relaxed Senior Portraits, Rochester NY


Custom, Styled, Relaxed Senior Portraits, Rochester NY


Getting ready for your session takes some thought and prep to help style and customize your photoshoot. Casey will work with you to choose outfits that are eye catching and flattering to you. You will meet with her to discuss full wardrobe from top to bottom so the day of your session you can rest assured your images will be the ones you have dreamed of. 

Great places to find unique outfits:


Francescas Collections

Free People

J. Crew


Lord & Taylor


Von Maur


Let's Talk Makeup!

1.  Be sure to start with a clean and moisturized face; nothing is prettier than beautiful skin! This is a MUST

2.  Apply your makeup near a window. The most natural light is streaming through your windows and will give you a better idea how your makeup is being applied.  This is essential to a good, even application of makeup. Your photographs are all done in natural light so this is an important step!

3.  Apply a primer! This will give you a great base and help minimized unwanted large pores, fine lines, uneven color and texture in your skin. This will help give you a smooth looking face and is  is just as important as a good foundation. 

4.  Please stay away from using mineral makeup for your portraits. Mineral Makeup is fantastic for everyday wear; however, in portraits it can give a very distinct and undesirable glow or shine. Always choose a matte finish on your face. Shiny faces look greasy and give an unfavorable glow in your portraits.

6.  Oh your eyes! Make them stand out! You should avoid shimmer or glitter. I strongly suggest using a matte neutral eye shadow  to bring out your gorgeous eyes. Trendy or dark colors can cause your images to look dated.  Golden browns looks great on everyone!

7. Don't go crazy with the eyeliner. Less can be best and try not to line your inner rim too heavily. 

8. Two coats of mascara will be perfect to put the finishing touches on those gorgeous eyes!

9. Find a neutral shade of lipstick and make sure your lipliner isn't darker than your lipstick. 

10. Makeup should be applied 25% heavier than your normal everyday wear.